Baby Girl – Out on the Town

Allison4 copy

By now she and her friends will be dancing around like goofballs, looking a whole lot older than they're acting. I'm so glad she has a great group of girlfriends. They love hanging out together, hugging and laughing and acting like crazed teenagers do when they're let out of the house. Another good reason to keep strong locks on your doors.

(To keep them from getting back in.)


This is her dress – white and sparkly, with a tulle underskirt that makes it poof out. It was the first dress she tried on, and she knew right away this was it

One. Dress.

Occasionally the gods smile upon mothers of teenage girls. Very occasionally, but we'll take it.


And, while she's gone and can't stop me, THIS IS HER ROOM!

Now who's mad with power, hmm? Yes, it's the old lady with the bad jewelry!


6 thoughts on “Baby Girl – Out on the Town

  1. Oh, she’s beautiful. And the dress is beautiful. And her room is fan-freaking-tastic. I know it’s weird to say but I actually did enjoy being a teenager – sounds like she is, a bit, too.


  2. Courtney, yes, I’d say she’s enjoying the teenage life. But thank goodness she’s also hard-working in school, and has her eyes on the goal of one day being a psychologist. She’ll definitely make it if that’s what she decides she wants for sure.
    I just wish she wasn’t squandering her incredible talent for music. The piano languishes in the living room, the violin comes out only at school and never makes it home for practice. Sigh.
    But things could be much worse!


  3. S.S. – shall I send my daughter ‘cross the pond to demonstrate her method? I can tell you what it is, actually. Destroy room until there’s not enough room to walk on the floor, then clean furiously, dumping everything you don’t want onto the floor of your parents’ room.
    Repeat as needed.


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