Photos of the Day: No Pain, No Gain



Ever walked on a barnacle-encrusted rock? Ever experienced having your feet sliced open? It's possible to traverse a rock like this one without leaving a toe behind, but it's still a little on the painful side.

While we were out in the Pacific Northwest, sometimes we had to walk across similar rocks to reach different sections of a beach. Once it came down to walking across barnacles or stepping into an area between two rocks, one I couldn't tell the depth of. So, I chose the barnacles as the lesser of two evils.

Did I mention I can't swim? Between pain and drowning, I chose pain. I recommend it.

This path lead to the beach Paul had found previously on his own explorations, one covered in sand dollar pieces. My kids – the boys especially – had been on the hunt for sand dollars as soon as we reached the coast. They're all but impossible to find whole (sand dollars, not my kids), considering their fragility (sometimes applies to both). But this beach was loaded with partial pieces, some nearly whole.


And I was rewarded by views like this.

Now that's a win-win, worth a few cuts and scrapes.

2 thoughts on “Photos of the Day: No Pain, No Gain

  1. Stu, yep, I did. And the tide came in so quickly we started to panic a little. There were so many warnings about being washed out to sea, and being a non-swimmer it quickened my pulse more than a little…


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