Apparently this is the new thing. Does that mean the end of rambling? God, I hope not.

Let's try it, anyway:

Daughter, who wants to be a psychologist, said to me, "I don't relate well to people." My reply, "Then I don't think you're heading into the right career." Her, "Oh, I only mean people I know."

Okay. Solution? Be standoffish to clients. Avoid knowing them. Problem solved!

Spent morning at Reader's Advisory meeting, i.e., talking about and listening to others talk about books. AND I GET PAID FOR THAT!!!

In two months will be discussing Jane Austen spin-off novels, plus whatever I've been reading. AND I GET PAID FOR THAT, TOO!!!

Course I was going to take for grad school officially canceled. Upside is there's another course I can take, but it's on CATALOGING. Librarians will understand implications. So, now I'm stuck with a book for a course I'll never be taking, and must buy materials for new course.

Joy. Rapture.

At least I'll still graduate in December. Anyone taking Consumer Health course and need book? Please advise. I'll give you a deal. You may have it for twice what I paid, much like usual insurance works.

Can see some application for microblogging, for quick updates.  Otherwise, it rather sucks.

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