Photos of the Day: An Octopus’s Garden


Some seaweed can be surprisingly beautiful. It's not the first thing you associate with it. Slimy and smelly, yes. But beautiful?

Look at this one. You'd think it had come out of a garden instead of washing ashore from its home under the ocean. And the composition is perfect, all by chance. The contrasts in color and texture couldn't have been arranged better. Mother Nature knows her stuff.


But it's a good thing for you my blog doesn't have smell-o-vision. When you first arrive at one of these Pacific coast beaches – well, either coast for that matter – the blast of various fishy smells could knock you down, it's so strong. Then there are the pieces of former sea creatures, plus the flies and other insect-y things, snacking away on all the spare parts.

Makes you hungry for seafood, eh?


Finally, this stray. The poor, lonely thing washed ashore all by itself. Maybe it'll go back out with the high tide. And be eaten by a fish.

Such is the circle of life. You live, you hang out on the shore a while, then you go back from whence you sprang.

And hopefully you don't reek like fish in between.


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