More in the series of odd Google searches leading to my blog.

Odd name boggle

Zane addicted free book

Position lazy dog

sorbet between courses

None of these are particularly insulting or pornographic. My public is slipping! Time to insert more dirty and/or suggestive words into my subject lines and content.

Naked sex slave. Republicans gone wild. Au naturale. Dogs and cats living together in sin.

I'll let you know how these go. Other suggestions welcome.

The odd name thing's somewhat justified, considering how often – and slowly – I have to spell my married surname. And you should hear some of the pronunciations. It's pronounced like it sounds, people! Gweed-uh-ree-ni. Sheesh. You'd think no one had ever encountered Italian before.

Its meaning is something like "little guide." Considering my total lack of a sense of direction, I am little help as a guide. Of course, it's not my name. Not originally, at least. I'm just grateful I didn't marry someone like Albert Pujols (poo-holes, for those who aren't baseball fans). It could actually be worse.

The rest of these search terms are definitely odd, though not as disturbing as some I've seen. And the last one I'll take as a compliment. It's like "fine wine," or "ages well." A sorbet between courses… I'll take that one any day. And apparently I already have.

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