In my special place …

The blood pressure and fury has subsided a bit this morning. It's still there, enough to keep me on top of everything that's going on, but by sheer effort – and chemicals – I've managed to take a deep breath and reduce my stress. My incredibly high stress.

In other news, unrelated to the impending implosion of my country, I'm taking my daughter to get her driver's permit today. That means she'll be able to drive legally with a parent/guardian. So all in the greater Fox River Valley area are encouraged to flood into the streets, avoiding sidewalks, parking lots, and corn fields.

And now I must go get read for said journey, though anything I decide to do with my hair will be for nought. It's incredibly humid today, and threatening rain. In other words, my hair will go Einstein in less than 10 minutes.

I'm hoping to avoid the news for a weekend, to allow my mood to stabilize. Staying in flight or fight mode isn't good for the health, though screaming epithets at the television may act to release steam.

In my special place… In my special place…

4 thoughts on “In my special place …

  1. Breathe, Lisa – if we can survive eight of the scariest years of politics so far, we can survive this. I promise that in this day and age of panic, that a tub of ice cream and instant double-chocolate brownie mix (and liquor, for that matter) will always be available at your local grocery and convenience stores. And really, ice cream and brownies (and liquor) are all that matter in these times of scary uncertainty. 🙂


  2. Take a deep breath! All will be fine. But I will be sure to be on the lookout for erratic student drivers when I am in that area in 10 days. Brings back memories of my oldest progeny. We thought that all mailboxes in our area would be sacrificed to her crazy need to hug the side of the road when she was learning to drive.


  3. DebbieQ – I only hope you’re right… The whole thing has the potential to ruin our children’s futures. Luckily, the drama of riding with my daughter creates a distraction. Especially when she doesn’t realize not every intersection is a 4-way stop…


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