Not as much politics as ethics

Obviously, I've taken a temporary detour from my usual fare and into the world of what's going on right now in the United States. Though I was already very worried about the possibility our country was turning from its original ethos to the complete polar opposite, I had kept silent. I find I can't do that anymore.

This is what the current administration appears intent upon doing, side-swiping us with bills selling trillions of dollars of our debt to countries such as China, putting us into deep debt to a Communist nation. Who will repay this debt? How can we ever eliminate the deficit we already have, coupled with the prospect of another unknown debt connected with a government-run health care plan no one has even bothered explaining to us? Then the obvious lie the new plan would be "deficit neutral," followed by the quickly stuck in comment by the president that, well, yes, we may need to raise taxes. A little.

A little? We will never get out from under this horrific debt.

Naturally, there are thousands of Americans up in arms, protesting what they see as imposed socialism, threatening to end the democracy we've enjoyed since our country was formed. And what do the president's people say? They demean what is legitimate protest, an exercise in freedom of speech, and call those who dare to disagree "Nazis."


Our country was formed on rebellion against unfair government. We fought against a nation so much larger, with odds so slim it was only by sheer determination we emerged victorious. Farmers and businessmen stood their ground against a trained military – arguably one of the best-trained soldiers in the world at the time. We were victorious because right was on our side, and our determination to end tyranny was greater than Britain's attempts to control us.

So, once again, comes the attempt to control the people, shoving through unreadable 1,000 page documents containing a plan promising such an impact on our future, yet we're not told what all the legalese means. And, to top it off, our president and Democratic politicians have not even read it themselves.

Does that sound like the United States of America, or more like the former U.S.S.R.?

Of course we're upset! The people, at least half of us, are up in arms. We're not Nazis; we are exercising the rights given to us by our founding fathers. And the fact the current administration seems bent on sneering at legal gatherings of protest adds just that much insult to injury. It reflects far more on them than us.

Ultimately, we've been asked to report to the government anyone or any group "spreading disinformation" about the new health care plan. The same plan no one in our government has even read, yet which they expect us to accept without so much as a murmur. Because a charismatic man has asked us to. A charismatic man. Wouldn't that describe every dictator in history?

We will not roll over, no matter what the administration calls us. We will not take this without a fight. It's reached boiling point. Our charismatic leader can't control us with smooth speeches written by his head writer anymore.

Why is he unable to step away from the teleprompters and speak to our concerns, without slinging epithets at his detractors? Maybe it's because he knows what he's doing is unpopular, but he is determined to force it down our throats nevertheless.

The time for canned responses and sneering is over. The people will be heard, and no amount of threatening us with being turned in by our neighbors will quiet us. We have been vastly underestimated. We will not shut up. Shame on those who are attempting to silence us. Shame on you for turning your backs upon what principles this country was founded.

You won't get our country without a fight, and the more you anger us the harder we'll fight. So keep up your paranoid behavior. It only fuels the growing fire.

We will not be moved.

To those regular visitors confused by the necessity for my political involvement I'd like to assure you every post won't reflect my determination to preserve my country. When I need to speak out I will. It's my duty as an American, to speak out and to reach the most people I can.

But other times things will be back to their abnormal, politically free ravings about books, the injustices of karma, and everything else that's been my trademark from the beginning. I just would not be a responsible American if I were to mute myself and pretend all this isn't happening. It's my duty, preserving the freedom we enjoy, pushing to keep democracy alive while it's being threatened. I will continue exercising my right to free speech, celebrating my rights. At this moment, that's front and center, but I'm still the same insanely book-loving almost librarian I've almost been. I'm just one pushed to the brink. And I won't be silent anymore.

3 thoughts on “Not as much politics as ethics

  1. You say, “And what do the president’s people say? They demean what is legitimate protest, an exercise in freedom of speech, and call those who dare to disagree “Nazis.””
    Whoa, best you check out who is calling whom Nazis. I think you will find it is the protesters. They are carrying signs calling Obama a Nazi and pictures of him with a Hitler mustache.
    Who is yelling out health care myths?
    I believe everyone has a right to dissent and protest, but I believe you are calling the wrong people paranoid.
    It saddens me to think you are buying into some of the main stream media distortions


  2. The mainstream media are Obama’s lapdogs. You hardly see any coverage but negative from them re: the protests. And who told those who protest to “just shut up?” Why, Mr. Obama. Hmmm. Sounds like yet another swipe at our first amendment, another broken promise to heal the rift between the two parties. He hasn’t even tried. Has he come out and given anyone details about the new health plan??? NO! Yeah, we’ll just trust him on the biggest decision his administration may ever make. And let’s rush it through quickly before anyone knows what’s in it. Such bullshit.
    And I haven’t seen any footage of Obama with a Hitler mustache. If you could point me to that I’d be interested to see it. A few bad apples turn up in every crowd. That doesn’t make the movement wrong; it just makes those people nutty.
    Health care myths… Funny, the president and Congress haven’t even read it. So let’s blame the people for trying to make heads or tails of it. Obama’s a goddamn attorney, as is pretty much everyone else in Congress, and they can’t read it? How can he expect the rest of us to?


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