Photos of the Day


Pink Hydrangea


Daisy, Daisy

So much of my garden is past its prime, having bloomed - no longer as much a pleasure to look at. By this point in the year they've become little more than greenery.

But my daisies and hydrangeas are two of the plants still providing color and beauty in our back garden. The pink hydrangea is of a different variety than the other two plants we have – two other pinks and one white. I appreciate that it's different, providing beauty of a different sort than the others.

The daisies are likewise past their prime, but still blooming. And there are a few other flowers still in bloom, but there's a lot of empty space between them, space formerly filled by flowers that have come and gone.

Hard to believe after all that waiting for color the garden's on the wane. We still have August and September to enjoy some of the flowers, before the garden prepares for its long winter nap. Every year that blooming window seems shorter, as does so much in life.

Maybe this year I'll plant some late-blooming mums, to stave off the inevitable late autumn blues. That will provide some consolation for the flowers preparing to go dormant. And in the fall I think I'll also plant some more bulbs – daffodils and other varieties the deer won't eat – so that spring will be more resplendent.

Summer isn't over, but seeing the garden past prime is never a good feeling. Winter here is excrutiatingly long, and the wait for spring unendurable. So the longer I can prolong color in my garden the better. I think that's worth the price of a few autumn-blooming plants.

2 thoughts on “Photos of the Day

  1. Hydrangeas are hearty flowers that last longer than much of the others. The deer and rabbits ate ALL my flowers this year. The only thing they didn’t eat were the hyacinth planted right next to the front door. The deer even ate our new fruit trees. Their cute and all when the baby bambis are born in our yard each spring, but by the time they’re a few months old, I’m chasing them away with a broom like a crazy lady. “STOP EATING MY PLANTS!” I run out and yell, still in my pajamas. I’ve tried various deterents to no avail. My husband has started constructed ugly fences around the blueberry patch. I think we’re going to get a dog. Maybe that will help.


  2. We’ve learned tulips and lilies are too tasty for deer to resist. That stinks, because I love both of them.
    A dog! Do you have a breed in mind or would you adopt a mutt from a shelter? I may have mentioned I love Jack Russell terriers, but they’re not everyone’s cup of kibble. You’d have to be prepared for their energy, but they have the best personalities in the world. End commercial!
    Oh, and I’m always running outside in my pajamas, usually to take photos. I’m the neighborhood crazy woman.


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