Photo of the Day – Sorbet between courses


Nature's Snack Bar

Next week I plan to start posting photos of the coasts of California and Oregon, moving away from my beloved redwoods.

Today's photo is transitionary, to cleanse the palate between courses. It was taken somewhere in California. I have no idea where. I'll never keep the beaches straight, so I won't even try. They all blend together in my memory. All they have in common is they're along the Pacific, and they're all ruggedly beautiful. You can't find a beach along the coast that isn't lovely, so location is really moot.

More next week.

One thought on “Photo of the Day – Sorbet between courses

  1. Boy, am I glad you explained this one. After a long day at the office, my brain cells were tired! (Sample: “Seagull sorbet? Seaweed sorbet? What???”)


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