Vacation 2009 – 2nd Leg: Part 2: California Redwoods






More photos from Redwood National Park, and probably the last I'll be posting before I move on to the coast of Oregon. I may occasionally post more as "Photos of the Day," though, so you're not necessarily done with them yet.

Something that surprised me about the trees is they aren't red. The wood inside is, but the bark looks like any other fir tree, though many of them have twisted bark. Woodpeckers have made homes in many of them, but the reason they've survived so long is they are bug-resistant. Too bad for the woodpeckers.

FYI: the bottom photo is a "banana slug," a species native to the West coast. My husband was fascinated by them – judging by the sheer number of pictures he took – and this is probably one of his, but the only one not by me in this post. Just wanted to assure you of that. Keeping behind the camera is my way of assuring I'm not photographed myself. I learned that several vacations ago. I just have to dodge the video recorder, which is a lot of work.

As I said in yesterday's post, the majesty of these trees is indescribable. You have to see them, and I highly recommend you make this one of the places you see before you die.

If you come after my demise, make sure to stop by my tree and say hello. I'll have the family try to mark it somehow. Maybe some spray painted arrows would be effective. Or, that may be overkill. Well, that can be their challenge, after I've gone through all the work of dying. I wouldn't want to make things too easy for them.

4 thoughts on “Vacation 2009 – 2nd Leg: Part 2: California Redwoods

  1. I’ve lived in California all my life, most of it in northern Cal, and it never occurred to me that someone might think the redwoods are red! (Fun fact: one of our University of California campuses, Santa Cruz, has the banana slug as its mascot.) Glad you got a chance to see them (the redwoods, that is). To paraphrase Terry Hatcher from Seinfeld: They are real, and they are magnificent.


  2. I saw these trees in the late 80’s, I still remember vividly the peace that I felt in their presence. I think you are very wise to choose to be amongst them when your body returns to dust. I would emulate you, but living in England, I think my children might find it a bit demanding, unless, that is, I put aside enough money for the journey in my will!


  3. Carole, My other thought was being sent up into space and ejected from the space ship, but I figured this was cheaper. They can also make remains into diamonds these days, supposedly. I could just see my daughter having me made into a necklace, telling people, “This is my mom.” That could make for some strange looks!


  4. Carolyn, that’s funny! I don’t know why I thought they’d be red. Just the name, I suppose. And that’s hilarious the banana slug is a mascot. Not exactly a fast creature. I wonder if their track team runs at a slug’s pace?? 😉


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