Ian McEwan’s ‘Amsterdam’


Have you read McEwan's Amsterdam? I ask because I finished it yesterday, and was left scratching my head wondering, "What just happened?" If you've read it, what did you think?

I love McEwan's writing, and consider him a reliable choice when looking for a good, dark, read. Then came Amsterdam. For the majority of the book things went along great. I was enjoying it, expecting the sort of grim ending he does so well. And yes, the ending was grim, but WEIRD. Weird, and a little confusing. And disjointed. That surprised and disappointed me.

And this novel won the Booker Prize?

I didn't choose it. A library group called Adult Reading Round Table did. They're a Reader's Advisory group headquartered at my undergraduate alma mater, Dominican University. Every quarter they choose a book to read, then meet at a library and hold a discussion. Today's meeting is at the library in Geneva, IL, roughly 45 minutes or so south of me. And I am going! On work time!

Rough profession. Don't cry for me.

I'm looking forward to meeting the ARRT members. I've been a member for a year or so, but haven't been able to attend any of their events due to scheduling conflicts. They have speakers and such, people famous within the library world who've written books on Reader's Advisory. People whose articles and books I've read in graduate school. Librarian celebrities! Swoon.

It'll be interesting hearing what they thought of the book. I'm assuming not all of them are McEwan fans like I am, and for some this may be their first foray into his writing. They may have gone into the book without the high expectations of a McEwan veteran; their response may not be the disappointment I feel.

I'll report back in with the verdict, probably tomorrow.

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