I deserve a break today

I've started writing fiction again. It's been at least a year since I last gave it a go. Maybe more than that, come to think of it. But anyway, belonging to a writers' group works miracles as far as giving me a much-needed kick in the @$$, giving me the will to drag my sorry self to – in this case – my Moleskine notebook, and churn out a short-short story.

I had to take a break when I realized I'm about to kill off a character. The reader will see it from a hundred miles away, and that's okay so long as I do such a thing elegantly and with appropriate bloodlessness. It's a grim story with a grim ending, alluded to rather than played out on stage. It'll  need more fleshing out once I get past the character with a target pasted on his forehead and his aforesaid demise. Poor chap. But there's really nothing for it.


All my fiction writing is grim. I wrote a short story for the publication my writers' group will be printing in late summerish, and there's a murder in that, too. A grisly one, involving decapitation. I know, ewwwww. Nothing like losing one's head to ruin a day. Oh, but he had it coming. Big time.

I think I'll put aside the short-short until tomorrow, leaving my characters in limbo whilst I ponder what ground I still need to cover. My male character will live at least one more night, and the other character will be left to her ruminations. I need a break from the incessant presence of the reaper, and a little distance from the story. Maybe then I'll know what must be done with the both of them.

The power!

Tomorrow I'll be posting a LONG overdue blogger interview. I haven't forgotten about it, honest. What with vacation and all, it went into the pending file along with a disturbing number of other things. But now it's time to pay the piper.

I hope he takes American Express. We get cash back for using that card.

My only nagging question is "will I ever write a piece in which no one dies?" Only time will tell. One thing I do know, nothing jolly and saccharine will be coming out of my muse. She's in a permanent funk, and that's the way I intend to keep her. If she so much as smiles my way I'll hand her a pink slip. Do they still use those, by the way? Probably not. In modern parlance, I'll kick her to the curb. Why she hasn't left yet I don't know. I don't pay her a penny. Her perks include scowls and listening to much swearing and whining. Second thought, what's not to love?

2 thoughts on “I deserve a break today

  1. So long as your characters don’t have names like Jade and Byron. When you start writing sugary romances (known generically over here as Mills and Boons – even when not published by that publishing house) – that’s really the time to worry. It suggests alternating your time with knitting and bottling fruit from the orchard (and taking an afternoon nap, of course).


  2. Over here they’re referred to as Harlequin romances, for the same reason. Also, there are the “bodice rippers,” the more explicit genre.
    And, no no, no romance for me! If there is any romance it will be more the Heathcliff and Catherine self-destructive sort. That’s much more my style!


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