2 thoughts on “Say Everything: How Blogging Began, What It’s Becoming, and Why It Matters

  1. Really interesting! One of my aunts claims she was the first. I had to watch this just to see what it said … it didn’t mention her, fyi.
    I like your new layout and heading! Classy.


  2. Rebecca, I bought the only copy of this our Borders had. I went out immediately after purusing the author’s website, and even started reading it last evening. I’m fascinated by the topic of how blogging started, what needs it serves, and what it means for society. It’s good stuff!
    Thanks for the kind words about the new style. Pretty soon grad school will start again, and I won’t have time to change the banner monthly. So I created something I can live with for the next several months. Normally I’m pretty restless with the look, as readers will have noticed!


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