New, Improved and AD FREE!

You may notice I've banished all for profit ads from my blog sidebar. All that's left are those which are nonprofit, advertising a cause I consider to be important. Not a single one of them pays me a dime for sidebar space.

A couple of the purveyors of the for profit ads made me feel a bit used. That's why, for now, I've banished them all. I reserve the right to add a reputable ad or two sometime in the future, but I don't have any plans to do so right now.

So, more book content, less flash. It's the simple life for me.


And a bit odd.

4 thoughts on “New, Improved and AD FREE!

  1. I like it better without the ads. Not that you’re trying to please me or anything. 🙂
    Also, the joke’s on me about the blog name. I just assumed the “stalking” added a clever touch of harmless (or is it?) obsessiveness to your love of things intellectual.


  2. I’d never worked out whether it was blue-stalking or blues-talking. So now I know as well. (I wonder if any man dares use the name bluestocking to apply to a woman nowadays. It seems OK for a woman to use it about herself but sexist if a bloke uses it – “bluestocking itself is getting to be rather an old-fashioned pejorative description for an intellectual woman. What is especially odd about the term, though, is that the first bluestocking was a man. He was a learned botanist, translator, publisher and minor poet of the eighteenth-century named Benjamin Stillingfleet.” according to WWW


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