Today, today. The winner will be announced ….

The process is secret, as with fraternity hazing, the voting system in Iran and how governors confuse Argentina with the Appalachian Trail (to be fair, they do both start with "A"). We don't question; we simply accept.

The world is nutty. It is rampantly insane. And also inane, which I typed first then changed.

But today, today. The winner from my Girl With a Dragon Tattoo book GIVEAWAY contest will be announced.


Hang on.

You'll know today.

I promise you …

Now I'm going, to compose a grocery list. Or go to Guam. One of the two. I can't be bothered with specifics.


But this is a dancing cat. Of that I'm fairly certain.

2 thoughts on “Today, today. The winner will be announced ….

  1. Love the dancing cat. Thanks for that. I needed a little pick-me-up today. I’ve always wanted to go to Guam. My father was born and raised there, so I really do think I should see it, but I love checking items off the grocery list, so I keep spending money on food rather than a trip to Guam. (I understand your confusion. I live it.)


  2. I miss you, girl! Hope everything’s going okay.
    Re: the cat, I had a tough time choosing between this dancing cat and one wearing headphones, rocking out to his tunes.
    Decisions. They’re tough.


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