Vacation …

Just a bit of a setback on the vacation front. Schedules for work, reservations, etc., have not been going according to plan. So, at some point this summer we're hoping to get out of here and head west. We just don't know when. It's just not working out right now.


Don't be surprised if we flee suddenly, because I'm packing the camper with essentials anyway, so we're ready to hit that asphalt just as soon as life allows. Then look out, Pacific Northwest! When the opportunity comes we'll bolt, and we may not know that much in advance. Seems like the same thing happened last time we tried to go on vacation, if I recall correctly. We were all set then BAM! Thor whipped a lightning bolt our way, stopping us in our tracks.

Not that I'll be terribly missed in summer. Hopefully the rest of you are out enjoying vacations and such, and your outdoor thermometers aren't stuck at 200 F, with 5,000 % humidity, like ours. Just walking from my house to the mailbox I sweat like a veritable pig. It's awful. Just awful.

Ah, well. Nothing ever goes simply, does it? Especially when you have a big target on your back marked, "Pick me! I'm expendable!" 

In the meantime, I'll be pretty busy catching up with reading and such over the next few weeks. Don't be surprised if there's a blog drought during July, as I work feverishly to get caught up before school begins again in the fall. But I shall check in when I can, just probably not as often.

I'll look at it positively, as having more time to catch up on what on earth I'm supposed to be reading, whom I'm supposed to interview, and when the blog tours are to which I've committed myself. I've told myself the time I spend blogging should be spent taking care of previous commitments, and I really need to heed that this time. And, I need to revise a story I'm working on for the first edition of the library writers' group's first publication, to which I am contributing.

Oh, and speaking of reading and writing and such, I will be back very shortly to report on a book that's jumped my reading queue. It's a nonfiction book called The Peep Diaries: How We're Learning to Love Watching Ourselves and Our Neighborsby Hal Niedzviecki, and it's about the open world in which we live, and how blogs and other networking sites (Twitter, etc.) are turning us all into reality shows. Fascinating stuff, and it really makes you think about the ways in which what you put out there in the ether can come back on you. Much caution is given as to what can happen should you temporarily lose your mind and post incredibly personal details. People have been fired for talking about co-workers, complaining about the environment in which they work, or openly dishing gossip, true opinions about supervisors, etc. Even when a person blogs anonymously, it's supposedly not unknown for him/her to be caught out.

Who knew? Kind of makes me look back and wonder what I've said that could hang me. I'm sure there's something. In fact, I can think of a couple things off-hand that could boomerang on me, though I'm honestly not overly concerned about it. Yet. One thing I know, I've never criticized work or a co-worker. A husband, a family, and the administration of my country, perhaps. But work is off limits. I have my standards, low though they may be. As far as I can figure, what I've said can't be legally used against me. Now, if I commit a heinous crime I may have to eat those words. But so far, the bulk of my posts have been about my lust for books and long, painful whines about things I'm not yet mature enough to get over. The worst crime I've committed is being annoying.

Dang it, I didn't mean to talk about this yet! Saving rest for next post …

One thought on “Vacation …

  1. ‘Ah, well. Nothing ever goes simply, does it? Especially when you have a big target on your back marked, “Pick me! I’m expendable!”‘
    That’s just got to become my quote of the week!


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