Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore

Wow, what a morning. Two reported tornado sightings, both very close to where we live. As far as I know, there were no touch downs, and no damage, but that's too close for comfort. Now the streets are flooding, with another very big storm cell barreling down on us within the next few hours.

Where did I leave that gopher wood? And my tools? Exactly what is a cubit? We already have the two dogs (both female, and both spayed – whoops), and far more than two fish (genders undetermined, species a definite issue). I expect the other animals should turn up shortly, though the house smells as though they already have.

Because I was monitoring the tornado warning this morning, when the kids were still in bed, I delayed going into work. Sure enough, the tornado siren went off, proof of my mother's intuition. And modern radar. I ran upstairs like a blue streak (well, not quite, but as quickly as I'm able) and herded the sheep to the basement. There we waited out the tornado warning.

When that all seemed safely past I drove to work, dodging the streams forming on the roads, and was duly drenched when I came in through the employee door. Of course, the rain slowed significantly shortly thereafter.

Ah, but anyway!

A busy weekend ahead for the denizens of Chez Guidarini, assuming we don't float away beforehand. My father in law turned 70 not long ago (she said, vaguely gesturing toward her calendar), and there's a gala planned on Saturday. Huzzah! On Sunday, a barbecue at the house of some friends. Good news is Saturday's showing much better weather is forecast, though the ground will be one, big mud pit. Great time to pull out those weeds in the gardens, though, when the ground's soaked. I'll have to let Paul know.

I'm behind, in so many ways,with things bloggish. With things everythingish, but let's forget that for now. I'm sitting on a couple of interviews, as I've been unable to polish them up and post them. So if it's YOU I'm speaking of, know I haven't forgotten! And other author interviews in progress … Yes, there are those. It's very not cricket asking for an interview then not sending along one's questions, so I will carve out that time this weekend, God help me.

Reading… Also behind.  Laundry … Don't mention that. Cleaning … Why, is company coming?*

Alas and alack.

In other news, hopefully more cheery, last evening Paul worked on mapping out our tentative vacation itinerary. To say it's a whirlwind tour of the West/Northwest is an understatement. Funny how we always seem to do things like that. With five in the family, there's nothing that ever suits all of us, so in order to keep everyone shut up we have to run like everliving hell to get in something for everyone. That means entire national parks get done in one day. Mountains? A few hours. But the coastline… Ah! Three entire days. Finally, the sequoias (for me!). That's shut up times five, or as close as it ever gets. Which is why mummy bought pink ear plugs. An entire pack.

I really don't see how we can manage leaving the house without having the in-laws come live here while we're away. The saltwater fish tank is the great unknown. It could so easily overflow (it nearly has before), and we could come home to an aquarium in the basement instead of on the first floor. Then, there are the dogs. Here, the yard's equipped with an invisible fence even Jack Russells respect. And they respect precious little. The fish, the mail, any unexpected emergencies… I expect that's the best idea. Time to convince them of that.

Late yesterday evening I'd composed half a post on current reading, not anticipating the weather usurping it. It's still not over, but don't start worrying until you haven't heard from me by the end of Monday. Then you may safely assume either all computers within the vicinity have suddenly and simultaneously exploded, or that the five of us are floating down the Mississippi River, singing hits from "Showboat." God willing, I'll have remembered to bring my camera on the roof with me.


Must run. So little to do, so much time. Strike that. Reverse it.

Land ho!

* Last weekend my brother called from his cell phone. "We're about an hour away, and thought we'd drop by!" The children were still asleep, and Paul and I were in pajamas. The house looked like ground zero for a previous tornado. Though he claimed he'd told me they were in the area for a wedding this weekend, between you and me — HE DIDN'T.

3 thoughts on “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore

  1. Having lived in the Midwest for 22 months I sure don’t miss the tornado threats.
    And as for coming to the Pacific coast, oh do come! I live near the coast and can say that you will not regret it. Bring jackets and such as it isn’t a beach-like environment for bathing suits and sunbathing. For that you need to go to Southern California.


  2. I drove to the library this morning (I live very close) and by the time I got there, just after 9, the warning had already gone off. So I got to hang out in the basement there for a while. At least I was without my son. Welcome to tornado season, I guess!
    Our back yard was a lake. I started to thinking about Noah’s arc too!


  3. I really want to visit the Northwest, I’ve never been. I did enjoy seeing the redwood trees last year. We haven’t had too many tornado warnings here; the sirens did go off late one night recently when there wasn’t even a watch and the only semi-plausible storm was miles north of us. And this in a place where there’s been confirmed sightings of tornados on the ground within 2 miles of us and no sirens. Grr.


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