Photo of the Day


Hunny for a Rumbly Tumbly

I didn't set out to feature an insect theme this weekend. It just happened my macro lens caught both the box elder babies and this bee running amok in the garden on the same day. Before the lens and I signed a peace accord, I would have probably ignored the box elders, but the bee I'd have pursued all around the yard. They're so fuzzy and cute.

My kids run screaming from bees, scared to death they'll get stung. It doesn't matter how many times I tell them they won't hurt them. To prove that, I'll reach into a flower when a bee's buzzing around. Now watch, one of these days I'll probably get stung. That'll be another parental lesson out the window. Just add it to my list of failures.


I'm bummed I didn't capture the hummingbird I saw flying around our blue flowers out front. My goal, sometime over the summer, is to capture a decent photo one of those lovelies. It won't be with the macro lens, though. I take forever to get settled with the macro lens. It'll take the zoom lens, and a lot of luck.

And that concludes this weekend's nature lesson.

5 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

  1. Love your photo ……that is some nice photography!!! Also love your post about your conversation with your 15 year old…..oh how those make me laugh – I remember when I was 15….OMG what I put my parents thru… we laugh……..


  2. That’s good shooting! We have a number of bumble bees but that one is not a species we have in the UK. And love the name Rumbly Tumbly is that a name used in the US or one you made up? If the latter it’s brilliant – so appropriate.


  3. aussiechic, why thank you!
    We didn’t have our dogs when our children were small, but they still get some good bonus snacks from what’s dropped on the floor. In fact, we call them to come do vacuum patrol. It’s very convenient.


  4. S.S. – the rumbly tumbly is from the Disneyfied version of Winnie the Pooh. I’m not sure if it’s in the original or not, as I only know the Disney films my children watched over and over (and over and over).
    I always thought there was one version of the bumble bee… So much for my insect knowledge!


  5. Just tell the kids that if they let the bee be the bee will let them be. At least that’s what my grandma told me once.


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