Why I fear for future generations

Actual reference interview, overheard at my library:

Clueless Teen: Umm, I'm like looking for a play. It's about Joan of Arc of something. But I don't, like, know the title! (giggle)

Librarian: Okay, maybe it's called Joan of Arc?

CT: I don't think so. I think it's, like, some weird name. I don't remember what it was, sorry!

I was sent by my, like, drama teacher. I'm supposed to do some monologue about when she died or something. What she said while she was dying, I think? (laughs)

Librarian: Here's one called St. Joan, by George Bernard Shaw.

CT: That's it!

Weird title. Yeah. Not at all like 'Joan of Arc.' So completely different I'm shocked.

And I can just hear her rendition of Joan's tragic death:

CT: OMG! I'm, like, standing on a bunch of sticks! Tied to some pole or something! LOL! I wonder what they're, like, going to do. OMG! They're bringing, like, torches! They are so totally going to burn me! Won't that, like, hurt? I so need my BFF! Did Joan of Arc have, like a BFF? LOL!

I have a headache.

2 thoughts on “Why I fear for future generations

  1. I’ve overheard some much more intelligent and engaged high school kids who come in for reference help, but kids like this girl just drive me out of my head. I’m not sure if it’s some kind of feeling being intelligent equals being uncool, or what. There were no other kids with her, so she wasn’t showing off her apparent disregard for appearing intelligent. It could be she’s so used to acting that way in front of her peers it’s just a habit. Whatever the reason behind it, it’s annoying as all hell.


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