Photo of the Day


May Showers

As you may be gathering, I'm getting along better with my macro lens lately. So much so I'm now claiming it as MY macro lens, instead of THE macro lens followed by a mouthful of expletives.

Don't get me wrong, it's still irritating how many photos I have to take to get something usable. Dead skin shedding off my body causes enough movement to make this damned lens blur. But I cannot deny it takes some kick ass photos when conditions are right.

And, what's really wild, is you can actually see me reflected in the raindrops. You can at least see my arm, how it's bent. That sharp looking object? That's what I use to push aside rivals at book sales. And it's in every one of the larger rain drops.

Cool, eh?

This, my dears, is a peony petal, after one of the many monsoon days we've had lately. The day I took this photo I stood outside in my striped pajamas, the ones with the lace trim, running inside when I heard a car coming to minimize embarrassment.

All for your sakes, my beloved people. All for you.

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