Thursday this and thats

My youngest had his last elementary school orchestra concert last evening. His principal mentioned at least five times that this was the last time we'd see our children all assembled until their graduation/recognition ceremony at the end of the school year. And then it's off to middle school for them.

Was she trying to break hearts? The old cow.

Next school year I'll no longer have a child in elementary school! How strange that will feel driving past knowing none of my children are in that building. I can recall when all three were there, one in first grade, one in third grade, and one in fifth grade. That was a convenient year, before they all began scattering.

I'll have none in elementary, two in middle and one a sophomore in high school next school year. That means my oldest will be taking DRIVER'S EDUCATION.

Pass the smelling salts.


My son's the middle hand in this photo, playing the cello (an instrument approximately his own height and weight). He has the bone structure of a bird; though he eats like there's no tomorrow you wouldn't know it. We think he must have a tapeworm.

This orchestra performance was in stark contrast to my daughter's final concert of the year, held last week. That's as it should be, since they've had four more years of practice. Still, hearing "Ode to Joy" sounding more like a funeral dirge than the uplifting piece Beethoven wrote was a little distressing to the ear.

Next week's my middle son's final orchestra performance of the year, but at least he's staying in the same school. That's not as distressing. And his little brother will be there, too. It's such a huge school, though. They'll probably never see each other during the day.


My middle son brought this home yesterday. What a riot! I love it. He had to model a head in clay, and chose Homer Simpson. You have to love that. Since it's been kiln-fired, when you turn it over ashes fall out of the mouth. An added bonus.

One of these days I'll post a photo of the head my daughter made in seventh grade. Its hair has been broken off twice, but we at least attempted to glue it back on again.


In garden news, our irises are popping out! So, everything that's blooming so far in the back garden is purple. A bit of poor planning on our part, but the both of them are lovely.

If you'll excuse me, I've spilled coffee in my lap from the excitement of this post, and need to do something about that. Plus, I desperately need to go work out. I've been indulging in too many treats lately, including trips to the ice cream parlor after every orchestra concert. And there's another next week.Sigh.

Have a lovely day.

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