Photos of the Day


Floating Fluff 1

I can't tell you how many tries it took to get this dandelion seed in focus. It was stuck to a spider web I saw floating in the beautiful, cool breeze, connected to the flower bed from the maple tree. Serendipitously, I noticed it while eating lunch sitting on the front porch.

I was able to move the web strand so it was hooked to this dead flower from last season. Otherwise it was flapping around too madly for me to focus on it. As it was, I had to practically lie down in the flower bed to get near the darn thing. And this was in front of the house, not in back where there's no traffic whizzing past, drivers watching and wondering if I'd died and fallen flat in the flower bed. But apparently they weren't too concerned, as no one stopped to check.

I liked these two photos the best of the bunch, though with PhotoShop there are a couple I could still try lightening up to see how they came out. But for right now the house needs cleaning. Reality intervenes, once again.



Floating Fluff 2

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