New blog for keeping track of books to read

My usual method of keeping track of great-sounding titles is to write the name on a slip of paper and stick it somewhere. Needless to say, it's an imperfect plan.

It finally occurred to me I could create a separate blog to record titles on my reading list. Once I've gotten to them I can review them and do all sorts of cool linking and such.

A much better plan, no?

So, the new blog – which is on my sidebar, for reference – is Bluestalking's Lust List. Unlike slips of paper, this is the near equivalent of carving them in stone.

See how productive and thoughtful I am when I'm out of school? Mind boggling. I'm also still working on working back through my posts to put them in proper categories, eliminating my HUGE Category Cloud.

Oh, and for those keeping track of my grades (and who wouldn't?), so far I've gotten one A and one A/B (A-/B+), and I'm waiting on my third grade. So, the perfect 4.0 has slipped to a 3.95. Alas. So close, yet so far. But, hopefully that won't affect my brilliant future in the library profession.

There's always bribery.

2 thoughts on “New blog for keeping track of books to read

  1. Well done on the grades – you may consider it a slip but it sounds first class to me!
    As for the lust list – been there. done that, got the T-shirt. Then I ended up putting the books to add to the list on bits of paper and – well, you can guess the rest. Wish you better luck (and more self-discipline) than me.


  2. Have you looked at You can make lists and catagories and other fun stuff. You can share your lists with others even! I can’t imagine how I have lived without it all my life!


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