Very, very excited, which is tres unusual for me.

I've just submitted my course selections for my last semester of graduate school. I decided to take the summer off, partly because I can't take the course I wanted to take – publishing in professional journals – since it requires residency at Madison. With the kids still in school I just can't do that, even for one week.

It'll also be nice to rest my brain for a few months, after all the stress of this semester. I figure I can probably work four long days in summer and have three day weekends, programs willing. That'll be nice. Really nice.

Oh, and so far I have one A out of three courses. This was in the course I was most worried about, too. Crossing fingers I just may keep that 4.0 after all. Dare I dream? But  my God, the work! All those hours spent locked away, all that stress and worry. So many papers, so much reading … Ugh.

I'm taking a course on building library databases this fall (GOD HELP ME), as well as doing my practicum – which consists of working 8 unpaid hours a week at another library. I'm aiming high for this one; I've requested they stick me in a university setting. I'd like the experience of being around college students, hopefully helping them with research and such. Working on a special project would be great, too, something I don't do in a public setting. The experience will be great.

I'll have to write a report on the whole experience, and I may set up a separate blog for it, so I can easily include photos. I did that for my "reference shadow," at which I worked half the time at my alma mater's library and half at the Newberry Library downtown (in their genealogy department). Imagine having a whole semester to take photos and do something brand new! I'm bursting to find out where they'll be able to place me.

I'm also bursting at the idea of GRADUATING at the end of the fall semester. I have my lunch bag I can hyperventilate into, should that become necessary. And it just MAY.

I probably won't attend the actual graduation ceremony. I haven't decided yet. Since I didn't actually attend classes there I'd feel a little funny, especially hanging out with all the youngsters who went to grad school straight from undergrad. I'm not sure if anyone I know is going. But I'll have a party either way! No chance I'll miss an opportunity to eat cake. Maybe someone will give me a  nice pair of sensible shoes, or one of those beaded necklace chains to hold my reading glasses around my neck. I get all misty just thinking about it.

One more semester! Breathing deeply …

One thought on “Very, very excited, which is tres unusual for me.

  1. Yay! You are almost there! Crossing fingers the GPA stays pegged at the top. I say (not that you asked): go for the graduation. You earned your chance to wear the regalia, walk the walk, and spread out the joy on that special day that’s All About You. It will make the party last longer, so to speak. Just my 2 cents.


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