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Ready to Burst



Not positive about this, but when I did my Google searching allium was the closest in appearance to this flower, once they burst open in all their purple glory. I'm counting on you all to let me know if I'm wrong, and I'll post photos when it does pop. I posted a photo of it last year, but I promise not to send you trolling through archives, especially because mine aren't up to date (they're under construction, in fact, so please ignore my category "cloud" on the sidebar).

By the way, using my macro lens on a windy day, I had to take around 40 pictures in order to get a couple in focus. And I stress, it's a very windy day, but even on a good day it's unbelievably difficult to maintain focus with the macro lens. I've bitched complained about that before, of course, just as I've bitched complained about most things before.

I know, tell you something you don't know.

3 thoughts on “Photos of the Day

  1. I hate the wind! Makes photography so difficult. You’ve done well to get this on a very windy day – sometimes I just gave to give up. (And yes, it looka like an Allium to me as well.)


  2. I usually stand outside yelling, “Stop blowing!” to the wind. Funny, but eventually it almost always listens, if I stand there long enough.
    And I read your comment so quickly I didn’t even see the mistakes! Guess I didn’t have my editor glasses on.


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