Photos of the Day


Bursting Out all Over

I wish I could attach the smell of these flowers to this post. Our crabapple tree is in full bloom, and the smell is so sweet. That's not even including how gorgeous the tree is, or how brilliant the color looks against all the green. I wouldn't want to transmit all the smells in our house, but this one I could actually be proud of. This one I can't blame on the dogs.

Oh, and by the way? That thing in the foreground on the right isn't my finger. This lens is so long I'd have to have freakishly long fingers in order to accidentally get one in the photo. I am not Elastigirl. Besides, if I had a super power I'd choose invisibility. Then I could sit in Borders at closing time and spend the night surrounded by books.

I think the thing is a leaf, actually. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

For three years now our crabapple tree has bloomed. It used to take a year's rest between bloomings, so I wasn't sure if it would actually pop out this year. Until I saw the buds:


Then I knew I could officially get excited, because it made more photos possible. You can only take so many pictures of spring leaves, but flowers? They're less monotonous.

I hope.

One thought on “Photos of the Day

  1. Lisa, your photos are beautiful and inspiring, and you bring up one of my favorite topics in this post… What super power would you choose to have? I’ve blogged about this topic more than once. It’s so hard to choose (and I so wish I could actually have super powers)! I love your idea for how you’d use invisibility.


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