Photo from Mr. and Mrs. Galpal’s wedding


What do you know, I did manage to take at least one decent photo at Mr. and Mrs. Galpal's wedding after all.

We were all a little surprised when President Obama showed up. As long as he was in town buzzing the Sears Tower with an F-16 escort he decided to drop by and say "Hey." Being such a big White Sox fan, he really dug the wedding cake.

But I still say he looks a lot taller on TV.

4 thoughts on “Photo from Mr. and Mrs. Galpal’s wedding

  1. I love the Yankees second best! Then the Red Sox. Heresy, I KNOW.
    The Yankees are cool because their uniforms look like the Sox. Love that black and white thing.
    What I hate on a uniform is that unidentifiable BLUE. The one that’s not quite royal, not quite anything at all, really. It’s such an off-shade. Why? Why? If you’re going with the red, white and blue thing, pick a REAL blue.


  2. I responded to the wrong message the first time. Whoops:
    HEE HEE HEEE! Somehow I knew you’d appreciate this one. It took me forever getting Obama anywhere near the right size, if it makes you feel any better. But damn, he dug that cake.
    What makes me throw up in my mouth a little is seeing the gd C-words are #3 in the NL Central, while the CHICAGO WHITE SOX are at # 4 in the AL Central. But it’s close. Soooo close. And it’s early in the season yet.


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