Photos of the Day

Forecast: Rain, Rain and More Rain


Maple Tree


Day Lily

I took these on Sunday, but I'm setting them up to post Tuesday. I can post to the future! Wooooooo… Spoooky. It's kind of like time travel. But not.

If the weather goes according to the way they're threatening, it should still be raining by Tuesday. If I hadn't said anything you'd think I took the photos then, but I could not represent myself falsely.


Toward the end of this week the powers that be are promising 80 F/ 27 C temperatures. Eighty degrees? In April? Tres bizarre, but we'll take it. I was predicting we wouldn't see 80 'til June, because that's the norm. 

Then again, this could be an anomaly. Or, it may not wind up transpiring at all. But that's what the dudes are saying as of right now. We just have to get through the next four cloudy, rainy days, then it will feel like summer. But, as is usual on nice days, I'll be feverishly working on a paper this weekend. Just a few more weeks, though. I'll be done with school on May 13! It'll probably start snowing again by then. How much you wanna bet?

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