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What a Difference a Day Makes

I've seen daffodils in bloom all over town, but ours are just now popping open. I expect after today (sunny, 74 F / 23 C) they'll be fully open. At least the ones behind the house. The few we have in front may be more like photo # 1 here by the end of the day.

Annoyingly, not only are the flowers opening, but the weeds are already flourishing, too. I guess that speaks to their enduring nature, but it sure is irritating. The garden needs to be cleaned up for spring (old, dead leaves removed, etc.), and with that comes a need to weed. Already.

I hope my husband has enough time, between laundry and grocery shopping, to get outside and work on the garden. I also hope I have the time to sit outside and supervise the operation.

The price we pay for a lovely garden.

2 thoughts on “Photos of the Day

  1. S.S., I am addicted to the “Aperture Priority” setting on my digital camera. I love a short depth of field, which shows in my nature photos. But I worry they all look too “same-y.” I should pull out the macro lens, challenging though it is to use. But what I really want is a wide angle lens. That will be our next camera equipment purchase.


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