Four hours later …

The paper is finished and submitted.

While I could have worked on it longer, I was willing to risk the chance of losing a point here or there for the feeling of knowing it was out of my hands and safely in the bosom of the drop box. If I'd lost it again I think I may have run away screaming.

I've never lost a paper like that. I'm always the one to be hyper-careful when saving, something I do over and over and over, to avoid catastrophes like yesterday's. But apparently my luck had run out.

Glad that's over. That buys me a little wiggle room for the weekend, though I'll still go ahead and start on the next paper, a critical essay on William K. Armstrong's book Sounder.


I'm still waiting for feedback from the prof on the draft of my paper that's due – in final form – next Friday.  That'll occupy my "free time" next week.

No idle hands for me. Looks like the devil's workshop will just have to wait.

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