Photo of the Day – Special Edition


As Wide as He is Tall

Aha! I found one that isn't so swift as the others, that isn't so concerned about a camera pointing his way. This one's been an early bird quite often, as you can tell. Many a worm has this one caught.

The photo's not as sharp as it could be. I had to shoot through the window or risk scaring him off. I don't like using bad language in front of minor children, so I chose the least perfect but more certain route.

My husband always yells at me when I take a photo from inside, though in my defense I'm not afraid to trot outside in my pajamas, no coat, and slip-on shoes and shoot away. But when it's an animal I'm trying to get it's different. They're more skittish than trees, flora, fauna and many other things. I've never had a tree run away from me yet, though I suppose all things are possible.

So here he is, imperfections and all. Very chubby and sweet, and likely confused why he's sitting in snow when his calendar obviously read Spring.

Welcome to April in Chicago.

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