Rather exciting times here at Bluestalking Central. I'm taking a break from all things graduate school, and just finished the GRAND DRAWING.

Just to be a little crazy different, I had my son drop all the names onto our dog Taffy:


Until one landed squarely on her black spot.


And the winner is … The suspense is KILLING me!



You are the big winner, the person on the spot! HUZZAH! Congrats, and you know where to find me …

8 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY Results!

  1. Liz, you’re welcome, you’re welcome, you’re welcome! Can’t wait to find out how you like it. Her humor’s very edgy and irreverant. It’s my guess you’ll like it. I hope!


  2. George, I should post a proper photo of that bookcase. It’s three put together, only the middle one has the glass doors. They’re from Ikea, one of my favorite places on earth.


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