Photos of the Day


The Re-Touched


The Original


The Re-Touched

PhotoShop and a camera. Give me those two things and there's no limit to the time I can waste spend playing around with photos.

I was in the back yard taking pictures with the macro lens. The one that drives me insane, because every slight movement - I would swear even the coursing of blood through your veins – causes the photos to blur. You must have a tripod in order to use a macro lens. A tripod and a remote device to actually snap the photo. Because the act of hitting the button shakes the camera ever so slightly, resulting in, you guessed it – BLURRING.

That's why you never snap just one photo with a macro lens. You take at least a dozen, because eleven of those are pretty much guranteed to be crap. The photo above isn't perfect, but damned if I wasn't going to use one of them after going through all that effort, screaming at the camera to FOCUS, DAMN YOU!

I can only imagine what the neighbors must think to have seen me sprawled on the ground, yelling.

By the way, any opinions on which photo you like best? I think I like the third.

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