One foot in the stirrup …

Slowly, slowly I am sticking a tentative toe back into reviewing waters … But don't make any loud or alarming noises or I may bolt.

Since I'm seeing the light at the end of the semester tunnel – it's a pale glimmer, but I see it – I'm starting (slowly!) to read review books again. Shortly I'll be contacting authors for interviews, posting thoughts on books … All that stuff I originally started this blog to do.

I'll still post my usual rants and raves. How else will I keep my very slight grip on sanity? Well, aside from doctors and meds and yadda yadda … But there is no replacing a good rant.

New things – well, some old, some brand new – will SLOWLY begin happening here in the near future. I sense a shift in the force field, a breach in the time-space continuum, a wobble of the earth on its axis. Yea, verily.

My semester doesn't end 'til early May, but I've allocated the time I'll need to finish up the remaining large assignments. I don't dare get TOO hopeful yet, but things are in process.

There. It's out. A bit cryptic, yes, but it's all I have to share right now.

Soon. Soon.

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