Photos of the Day

Speed Demon


They say Jack Russell terriers do eventually slow down. About four years after death. Lia's a living, breathing example of that.

She's the most energetic, hyperactive and completely loving dog. When she sees us after an absence of any length you'd think she hadn't seen us in years. She's just as excited seeing us after we've been on vacation for two weeks as she is after I come back in the house after retrieving something from the car. She jumps up on me the minute she sees me, bouncing off me like I'm a trampoline. And if I go upstairs to my room to study, read or even take a shower she bolts up the stairs ahead of me, jumping up on the bed and looking angelic, head on paws, waiting to be petted. If she doesn't notice I'm going to my room, nine times out of ten when I open the door she's lying in the hallway, head on paws, tail wagging, waiting patiently.

And I think I already mentioned how she turns our yard into Swiss cheese in summer, digging pits so big her head disappears into the earth.

Obnoxious as she is, she's also incredibly sweet and loving. Of our two JRTs she's the playful one, the one who can be whipped into a frenzy, making squeaking and grunting noises that are just hilarious.

For personality you cannot beat this breed. Lots of people think they're too much a handful, but if I could I'd have a house full of these dogs. Anything else would seem boring in comparison.


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