Photos of the Day

Hanging in There


A little snow hasn't deterred either the crocus or daffodils in our garden. Since snow has an insulating quality, and it was warm enough it started melting almost right away, it hasn't done any damage to the bulbs. In fact, the daffodils seem to be thriving, regardless of a few inches of snow. The crocus haven't been set back, either, judging from the fact the first flower to come up in our garden still looks as gloriously purple and promising as it did last week.

Go, crocus!

I've seen them come through late spring snows before. I wasn't really worried about the bulbs, but it would have been a bummer losing when spring felt like it may actually be around the corner.

The weather report for the week, shows nothing higher than 50, with lows in the 30s. There's a rain/snow mix in there somewhere. I'm trying my best to forget exactly when. This whole week feels like an extended April Fool's joke. Funny, Mother Nature. Good one!



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