Cranial explosion, or, It’s my navel; I can gaze if I want to.

My head is about three seconds from exploding. I realized I totally and completely forgot a grad school assignment. Granted, it was a small one. But it was an assignment! Me! Mzzz 4.0 GPA! Forgot! An! Assignment!

And for another assignment? Due the day after Easter? I'm just now starting to look at it, to frigging research it, to frigging think about frigging doing it.

So, I thought it would distract me to forget school for the rest of the evening, and take a leisurely stroll through some of those literary blogs I used to love, back when I had a mind. I used to blog for Identity Theory, so I started there. That lead me to Andrew Sullivan's blog at The Atlantic. Andrew was rippin' on the publishing industry.

It was around that time fissures started developing in my skull.

It was too, too much information!

I wanted to scream out: STOP USING BIG WORDS!

I feel like Patrick Star from frigging Spongebob.

"Tell me about the rabbits, George …"


Thank you for letting me share, even if the above made absolutely no sense. Especially if it made absolutely no sense.

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