Photo of the Day


Spring Feeding

Four deer were cropping the small patches of grass in our yard this morning. When the sun came out yesterday a few grassy sections miraculously started opening up, and this morning's above freezing temperature widened them a little more. The deer are taking advantage of that while waiting for my lilies to come into bloom.

The dogs went crazy when they saw the deer, barking wildly and jumping at the kitchen door. The deer looked over their shoulders at them, rolling their eyes thinking, "As if, short-legged creatures. Oooooh, we're SO SCARED!"

My dogs wouldn't know what to do if they did catch a deer. They were bred to dig for burrowing critters, as would be evident by the Swiss cheese look of our yard in summer. One kick in the head from a deer and they'd learn a valuable lesson: don't mess with animals 20 times your size.

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