Photo of the Day


Here, Birdie Birdie

It took so, so long getting this photo. Every time I got the camera focused the stupid thing flew away, like it had some sort of sensor automatically deflecting me the more it sensed my growing desperation.

First I saw two robins on our patio, next to a nice, reflective puddle of water. Perfect! I ran for the camera, switched lenses from the short zoom to what I thought was the long zoom. Then I realized it was the damned macro lens. I ran back, switched lenses again, and guess what?

The. Birds. Were. Gone.

Of course they were.

I gave up and went to take a shower. On a whim I looked out the window, and voila! A robin! Back downstairs to grab the camera WITH ZOOM LENS, and … You can guess.

By this time I was completely pissed off. I was going to get a DAMN BIRD PHOTO if it killed me. And finally. Finally, there he was, perched on a branch further away than I'd hoped, but I'd take anything by that point.

To make a short story inordinately long, this is what I got. I cropped it, sharpened it up a bit and played with the contrast. And here it is. Not great, but IT'S A DAMN BIRD!

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