Tonight, tonight

I won't pull any punches. I have a girl crush on Heather Armstrong of It's not a weirdo stalking thing, but more of a "if I can't be her I'd like to move to a state where it would be legal to marry her" thing.

I know. Really weird. Almost scary weird.

It's just that she's so darn wonderful. She's funny, open and honest, and a fantastic photographer – the kind of person you'd love to have as a friend.

But anyway, she's coming to Oak Brook this evening, signing her new book at a Borders there, and I'm going to her signing/talk, and to meet her at least long enough to have her sign a couple books for me, one of which I'll GIVE AWAY HERE!

I'll bring my big @$$ camera and take enough photos to post, but not so many I creep her out. If you're going to the signing look for someone with a mega lens (unless I can manage to get close enough not to need it, as I don't particularly want a photo of her pores), dressed mostly in black. That'll be me.

If you don't know the info, here it is:

Borders, 1500 16th St., Suite D, Oak Brook

I know I previously said it was a Barnes & Noble, and for that I apologize most profusely. But I double-checked and it is, indeed, Borders.

It's embarrassing how nervous I already feel about meeting her, being in the same building she's in. I'm just like that. People, especially those I admire, scare the living hell out of me. I'm the one who shrunk back from shaking the hand of the Duke of Edinburgh -  Queen Elizabeth II's husband, a story I could have told for years to come. I can only imagine what an ego boost that was for him when he had his hand out and I ran like a sissy.


Anyway, I'll be heading to Oak Brook early, since I can't spend too much time in a Borders and maybe Heather will be there early. I also want a good seat, and to avoid the worst of the rush hour traffic.

In the meantime, I may faint.

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