The fruits of my labor. Or not.

My Bulging Wedding Guest project is proving more a downer than I thought it would be. Six days of working out like a fiend last week (1 hour's worth of demanding cardiovascular work a day), plus cutting down food by probably  half, eating fruit instead of unhealthy snacks, has netted me (if I can believe my scale, which is another question) one pound's worth of weight loss over the past week.

One. Pound.

It's not as if I just started working out. I've been at it a few weeks now, though not working as hard as this until a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't getting up early before, but now I'm up before the sun to go to the gym and sweat voluntarily. And yes, I do feel rather self-righteous about it. My only wish is that I could see the McDonald's drive thru (sic) from the stepper machine. I would love to taunt customers as they drive past, gripping their greasy bags, making them feel a stab of guilt about the several thousand calories they're about to consume as I'm working off several hundred. And barely losing any weight, but they don't need to know that. Good thing I'm feeling much better or I'd be really angry. Come to think of it, I'm still angry, but at least I'm reaping some benefit. I feel myself getting a bit stronger by the week as I'm slowly able to increase the intensity of my workouts.

But it would be nice to see the numbers on the scale budge just a bit more. Preferably a lot more.

On Bulging Brides they only weigh in twice, once at the halfway point and once at the end. Maybe they have the right idea. Maybe it's just too doggone disheartening to expect any big changes in such a short amount of time. Unlike people on TV I don't have personal trainers to work out with me for two or three hours a day. I have one hour, or at the very most an hour and a half, and that's pushing it. I don't have a nutrition advisor, or my own cook. Life is very unfair that way. Is it too much to ask to be independently wealthy? Really, is it?

In the meantime I'll just have to keep plugging along, doing the best I can with what I have. Maybe I'll get revenge by heaving the bathroom scale out the window. I'm pretty sure it's conspiring against me, the filthy, lying, insidious thing. It would be so gratifying watching it break into pieces as it rolls down the grass onto the street. Then it'll be sorry for messing with me!

4 thoughts on “The fruits of my labor. Or not.

  1. One pound is great! You really shouldn’t be losing more than between 1/2 a pound and two pounds per week, in order to do it safely and keep it off. One pound is 100% more than 0 pounds…


  2. Lexi, thanks for the encouragement! I just wanted to see a bigger move that first week, even if things slowed a bit from there. But I’m definitely not going to weigh as often. I’m too dependent on that, and too upset when it doesn’t seem to move. Better to keep up what I’m doing and realize that’s all I can do. Five days a week is a pretty decent workout routine. Maybe it’ll pick up a bit.


  3. S.S., thanks so much. I guess slower is better, but as I told Lexi I just hoped that first week would be more impressive. I still don’t understand how my clothes are getting more loose without weight loss. Makes no sense!


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