Propping my eyes open with toothpicks


Not since I started adjusting to the meds have I been this sleepy during the day, and it's my own fault. In the evenings Paul and I have been in the habit of not going to bed until midnight. That's been the case for years. It's because we let the kids stay up too late, then we need some downtime to watch TV, surf the Internet, or what-not. Eleven o'clock turns to midnight mighty quickly.

At work I've caught myself falling asleep sitting up, taking micro-naps. It's a little embarrassing thinking someone may have noticed that. My cubicle walls aren't high enough, save on one side, to hide what I'm doing. It isn't out of the realm of possibility that I've been seen and haven't noticed it. The good news is I don't seem to wake up with a snort sitting upright. As far as I know.

Planning the outdoor summer concerts is on my programming plate right now. This will be the third year we've had those. How time does fly. Before I came here the back terrace wasn't used for anything, really, which was a shame. So I thought, why not have a summer concert series? The rest is history.


God, am I snowed under. It's spring break at UW-Madison right now, but I have so much hanging over my head it's scary. After taking a quiz in my Collection Development class I think I've officially blown my A. Though I reviewed all my notes, all the chapters we've read, and the online lectures, the questions were unanticipated. I'm scared to death to see that grade.

The good news is I believe I have only one regular course to take, then my practicum (8 hours per week through the semester – at a library other than the one I work at) before I'll have my degree. I'm thinking I'll finish up after the fall semester, graduating in winter.

But there's still this semester to get through.


We're continuing to work with both my sons on material they're having a tough time with. Actually, my older son kicks @$$ in all his subjects; he's just missed so much school he's fallen dangerously behind. With my younger son it's a question of resisting learning anything new in math. He shuts down easily when stressed, and math stresses him a lot. So, his father - the engineer, who's in charge of math homework – has been spending entire evenings, from after dinner 'til at least 11:00 or 11:30, working with him on math worksheets. Talk about excruciating.

My daughter? She's an academic angel, pulling As and Bs in her advanced courses. She's also in three clubs that meet after school, meaning three days a week I have to pick up all three kids from three different schools, all in different directions.

I'm also still trying to get up in the wee hours for workouts, but I'm finding every third day I turn off my alarm clock without realizing it. So I wind up working out later in the day, which I hate since it cuts into valuable evening time. I can see it's doing me good, though. Clothes are fitting me better, I feel great, and the face I see in the mirror is more defined week by week. It's just tough fitting it into an already tight schedule.


New category here, one I haven't employed in ages. Out of all the excruciatingly tempting titles that have been landing on my doorstep lately, one in particular was just way too appealing not to read. It's Rick Bragg's latest, The Prince of Frogtown. My God is he a brilliant writer. Sheer poetry. I'll post an excerpt here when I get a chance.

Bragg is from Alabama, specifically the part my paternal family lived once up on a time. Despite the fact I positively revile that side of the family, it's Bragg's beautiful voice, and the fact he nails the South I knew, that draw me to him. That, and the aforesaid brilliance. Damn, he's good.

Then there are all the gay/lesbian/transsexual teen fiction books I'm reading for my bibliographical report due in Multi-Cultural Literature. I was able to choose the titles myself, and so far they're a great mix of sub-topics within the main topic.

Oh, and to Harvard University Press, if you're not reading my blog before sending me weekly review books I'll be shocked. It's either that or you have ESP, since the titles you're sending match the topics I cover here nearly perfectly. Do you have anything on getting through overwhelmingly busy times in life? Anything in self help? Send 'er on!


Galpal's wedding shower is this weekend! Can't wait to see what wonderful things she gets, but memo to her: your registries are TOO DARN SHORT! Couldn't you be just a tad more in need? Especially for those of us who wait 'til the last minute …

N.B.: I'll include the gift receipt …!

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