Le Dress …


Dratted difficult to get a photo of a black dress. Even adjusting the blackness and contrast on PhotoShop didn't produce anything clear enough to see well. I tried it against a couple different backgrounds, and none of them quite worked. Black and white is about the worst combination I could have chosen, as the camera has trouble with such a dramatic contrast, but I have that problem solved with this direct link to it. You may see the back, as well, though it's featured in a royal blue.

As it is, I could fit into it now, but it's a bit tight at the waist, and the silhouette will be more flattering overall with a few less pounds and a bit less random bulge. Picture it with some flashy jewelry (silver) and either high-heeled black patents or a silver shoe. Et voila!

As it's sleeveless, and the wedding's in April, I bought a lightweight bolero-style jacket to wear with it. It's also black, but I may hunt around to see if there's such a thing in silver. Nothing wrong with black on black for an evening wedding, but perhaps adding a contrasting color would be good to add that bit of "pop," as they say on What Not to Wear.

So, this is it. Turns out I didn't take a very big risk after all, since I could squeeze into it now, but should it turn out I could wear a size smaller by late April you may safely bet I'll exchange it.

Good news already, with the cardio work I've done so far I've melted away eight pounds in the past couple of months or so. That's without dieting. Imagine how it'll be with a rather strict six weeks of reforming my eating habits. Tra la! Maybe I will have to go back for that smaller size after all. Either that or visit a tailor.

A girl can dream!


3 thoughts on “Le Dress …

  1. At the risk of appearing ancient, at the time I married my husband, which doesn’t seem that long ago, one didn’t wear black to weddings for fear of its being seen as a comment on the match.
    I feel so old…


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