Photo of the Day


Determination is the Mother of Exasperation

I'd forgotten about these photos. Paul and I made a joint effort to try and get one of those perfect "drop of cream into coffee" pictures, just because I had a whim one day and decided to try. So out came the tripod and our fastest lens.

But let me tell you, it's a dratted difficult thing getting that photo. This was one of our failed attempts, but look at the extraordinary colors in the rising coffee. That in itself amazes me, even if we didn't get THE shot.

4 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

  1. How can you call an amazing photo like that a failure? The more you look at it the more you see. That’s art. Your striving took you to a good place, even if it’s not the place you first headed for. Keep it up!


  2. I’ve been called a perfectionist before. Does it show?! What I wanted was one of those that look like a crown, with all the tiny drops spraying out of it. That’s the best way I can describe it. I’m also universally hard on myself. I know that shows!


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