Research, research and more research.

Such a nice, spring-like day here today. Sunny and 62 F/17 C. Not bad for early March, when it's not out of the question to get snow or an ice storm. And how will I be spending my day? I'm taking another day off to work on my research paper, of course.

Nice timing.

It's supposed to be rainy and in the 40s all weekend, but it won't be quiet around here then. Still, it makes me sick looking outside. Maybe I'll knock off a little early and spend a little time outdoors.


Time is at such a premium these days I've actually resorted to waking up just after 5:00 a.m. to go work out. It maximizes the time in my day, but it can be a little painful getting out and exercising so early. I made it three days this week, and one day I went in the afternoon. I wish I hadn't chastised myself the one morning I just couldn't make it out of bed. Running on five hours of sleep a night is brutal. Humans weren't meant to do that.

Homework, working out, work work, kids, family. That about sums it up.

Now it's time for a little more research, with the dangling carrot that if I really buckle down and produce something maybe I'll unlock my cage and get out for a little while. Time off for good behavior, I guess you'd say.

Hope it's as lovely where you are as it is here. But if it's more lovely please just keep that to yourself.

6 thoughts on “Research, research and more research.

  1. Dear Lisa,
    As a fellow ma DEp sufferer I’m worried. Be careful not to over tire yourself. I’ve discovered that is the one sure way to kick off especially a’re doing so well and we love you.Daphne


  2. Hello wonderful Lisa,
    Was thinking of how I haven’t said hi for a while, and am popping over to do so. Plus, it’s cloudy here (well, it’s night at the moment) so not as lovely.
    Just wondering whether you caught the news on dovegreybooks or my blog – Miss Hargreaves is coming back into print! How very exciting.


  3. You said, ‘go work out’ – does this mean you go to a gym or run outdoors? I wonder if you’ve considered exercise videos or a treadmill? Over the years, I’ve found they save tons of time.


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