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Bar Harbor, Maine

Vacation this year probably won't take us this far from home. Depending on how things go, we may wind up pitching a tent in the backyard, cooking hotdogs over the contained fire pit. Not a bad idea, to me. Save for my husband, who was raised on tent camping, the other four of us enjoy our creature comforts. Keep your brown paper packages tied up with string. Running water and real beds are our favorite things. Not to mention a space that isn't infested with insects. Finding one cicada the size of our dogs - hanging out in the boys' bed – was more than enough for us. Our shrieks are probably still reverberating around that campground.

I guess there's a chance we'll get away, but only if the budget allows. It's scary this year – not exactly the year you feel like splurging, like we did for the New England trip. That was by far the most expensive trip we've ever taken, thanks to our pop-up camper breaking, forcing us to stay in hotels for more than half the trip.

And, of course, the kids and I were heartbroken.

One thought on “Photo of the Day

  1. I loathe and hate camping and when I found it was unavoidable on a couple of occasions when the kids were small, I suffered, boy how I suffered. Why would I really want to sleep on the hard cold ground in a sleeping bag and sing songs round a camp fire and have to unzip fifty zips in the middle of hte night if I wanted to pee? These experiences were school camps etc and never again, after one weekend I then sent my husband off (he was an ex boy scout and loved it) and I stayed at home nice and warm and cosy.
    Think my vacation will probably be at home this year as well, have a weekend in Istanbul lined up but after that, think it will be the UK and really there is so much to see and do here, it will not be a hardship.


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