Strange how connected the ‘net can make you feel.

It's with great sorrow I have to report my online friend Donna Doyle – who blogged at The Between-Place – has died after a brief but intense battle with cancer. I got to know her through her Book-a-Week online discussion group, to which I belonged for several years.

I never met her, but I miss her. She had the courage to follow her dreams. So many of us think "I'd like to do that, someday," but never do. But she did. In her late 40s she went to college. Born and raised in Canada, she moved to England to pursue her education, and received her degree, achieving a big part of her dream.

At age 50 she was stricken suddenly with a particularly aggressive form of cancer, undergoing surgery after surgery. But then the doctors told her they had no other options. All they could do was manage her pain.

She died on February 17. I just found out about it today. She's gone way, way too soon.

I'll miss her. She was a wonderful human being.

One thought on “Strange how connected the ‘net can make you feel.

  1. How very sad.
    I’m this strange place in my life right now, about aging, turning 40, not fulfilling some destiny that I suppose everyone has (perhaps my destiny is to never fulfill one?) and this story made me feel better.
    Why is it I think my time is done to do anything great? I appreciate what this woman did with her life in her late 40’s. She inspired me just now, even though she is gone.
    Thanks for that.


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