If all else fails …


… post a cute dog picture.

I've been busy as ever-living hell over these past few days, thus the lack of posts. I had four written assignments due for grad school this past weekend, and this week isn't looking much better. It's jam-packed with various and sundry this and thats – from my children's orchestra concerts to homework, homework and more homework, plus other matters household – not to mention day job – related. It's a good thing I had those couple days off recently or I'd really be insane. Or more so.

So you didn't think I'd either died or been kidnapped by aliens who didn't do a complete memory wipe, I thought I'd just send a quick note. This is the very first quiet time I've had all day, at 12:07 p.m. I've been up and running non-stop since 7:00. I'm going to bed in a minute, but right now I'm enjoying the soothing quiet that is computer time, after everyone's gone to bed. It's just me, the humming computer, and the dog in the above photo, hanging out together in the family room after a long day. Ahhh…!

And to all, a good night.

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