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So Busted

I'd been blaming the kids for repeatedly messing up the cushions on the love seat, despite their protestations of innocence. As soon as I put the cushions back in place they'd be in disarray all over again. It didn't make sense. It was just happening too often. Even my kids aren't usually that sloppy.

Finally, I've figured out. Taffy likes to sunbathe in the light coming through the living room windows. However, with the cushions in their rightful places she can't find a comfortable place to bask in the sun. So, she knocks them over to make a bed for herself.

Rather resourceful of her, actually. A pain in the butt, but resourceful.

4 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

  1. If Taffy were a Liverpool dog I could understand the collars – one for Liverpool FC and one for their rivals Everton. That would keep peace in a lot of households over here but I’m not sure I understand why it’s necessary in Wisconsin-Madison!


  2. S.S., I wonder when someone would ask that! The second collar is for our “invisible fence.” It’s an electric wire buried in the ground that keeps the dogs in the yard and safe. Otherwise Jack Russells would follow every animal that went past the house, including deer, the local roaming cat, other dogs, etc. They know if they get too near they’ll get zapped, so they keep their distance. Only once did one of them leave the yard, and it nearly gave us a heart attack as she crossed the street (which often has cars zooming down it). A neighbor came knocking at our door to let us know, and Lia came home on her own. But you can’t be too careful with this breed.


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