Have just realized I have a paper due Monday. I completely lost track of the date -  my fault. I have four days in which to get together a 1 – 2 page profile of a library, re: needs assessment/community analysis in regard to collection development. I work tomorrow, I'm busy in the morning Saturday, and have my nephew's birthday party in the mid-late afternoon that day. The good news? Sunday is wide open. The bad news? I have two other, but more routine, reports due Monday.

Insert maniacal laugh here.

In other news, dear daughter relenting somewhat on her food strike. She's not eating everything yet, but yesterday she condescended to eat corn. But the pasta and garlic bread, did not meet her specifications because of the "Double Guarantee." The store has a policy of not just refunding money for any product that doesn't meet expectations, but also replacing the product. So, for whatever reason that means it's not fit to eat. Anyone who can find sense in that statement please contact me.

Weather this weekend is supposed to hit near 50 F! I'll thoroughly enjoy looking out the window at it.

4 thoughts on “Gasp

  1. Let me get this straight: if you don’t like it, they give you your money back and also more of the product you don’t like?
    Reminds me of an old bit of Woody Allen dialog:
    First grandma: The food there is awful!
    Second grandma: And the portions are so small!


  2. J.G., I believe the idea is maybe the item’s spoiled, maybe it was from a bad batch, or something like that. And it certainly sounds like a good policy when you’re reading it on a package. I’ll bet they’re thinking few people will take advantage of it, and they’ll look generous.


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